Friday, August 28, 2009

Green Swap

One of my favourite activities each week is going to our local green swap. This week I swapped some Oranges and Tangelos for some fresh Rocket, Marmalade, eggs and sweet pea seeds. I could tell you all about green swap and how it works, but as I have a speech written by my 10 yr old daughter Katelyn  for school I thought I would be a bit lazy and post that instead!

Do you like fresh juicy fruit, crisp healthy veggies, scrummy baking and stuff like that? Well have I got the speech for you! Hi, my name is Katelyn and I am going to tell you about Green Swap.

Green swap is a community event where people who grow or make stuff come together and swap things without paying money for them. Green swap is also called swap meet but they both mean the same thing. Everyone swaps things that are around the same value, like a bag of tomatoes for a bag of beans, or some muffins for a jar of marmalade. That way everyone feels like they’ve had a good deal. So, all you need for a good green swap is something you’ve grown or something you’ve made and a smile!

You can swap all kinds of stuff at the green swap, like fruit, veggies, eggs, milk, baking, meat, flowers, plants and once there was even a live rooster! It’s a social event too, and people swap tips about planting trees, composting, growing veggies and cooking as well as having a good laugh.

Apart from fruit and veggies out of our garden, Dad makes fruit wines and Angela makes preserves like jam and chilli sauce for swapping. Don’t worry the sauce isn’t too hot! It’s not just the adults that go there and do the swapping, in the holidays the parents bring their kids along, it’s really fun and sometimes the kids bring things they have made or collected too, like rose petals for your bath!

My favourite is the milk we get from the Rainbow Valley Farm cow, which has lots of thick cream on it and is so fresh it’s still warm, yummy! And for a delicious breakfast, add the golden yellow free-range eggs, fresh bread that is still warm, with some crispy, crunchy free-range bacon and some oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice. All swapped at Green Swap.

We have our Green Swap every Friday morning at the Matakana Wharf. It starts at about 9:00am and finishes at about 9:30am. Hope to see you all there soon, Bye!

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