Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day Of Spring!

Yay! The first day of spring, and what a good one! A lovely mild day, plenty of sunshine, no wind and a bit of cloud in the afternoon to keep it from getting too hot. Just perfect for gardening, with the soil nice and moist from the recent rain and not quite full moon so still good for planting. Just to prove it really is spring, check out this flowering cherry tree at our next door neighbour. The two dark blobs at the top are a pair of Kaka who successfully staunched out all the local Tuis to feast on these flowers.

Managed to plant 1 Goldfinger banana and 1 super dwarf cavendish, both of which are meant to be good fruiters here. Around them went 3 Hibiscus and 20 or so Broms, including some Neoregelia Exotica Velvet and some Tillandsia species which I attached to a Manuka with liquid nails. To get everything growing well, a decent dressing of blood and bone and a sprinkling of Potash went on the soil. Then I finished weeding the Strawberry patch, fertilised that with the same mix and did the Blueberries at the same time. Picked up all the dog poos (not my favourite job!) and mowed the lawn. To finish, collected some Grapefruit for a fresh juice to welcome the kids home from school and biked down to the water with them for a look. Great day!

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